Painting by artist: Angela Sekerak. Model: Me!

About Me

Hey! I go by Morg and this is my website.
Hopefully I address any curiosity you may have.

Gamer of Sorts

The original Gamer of Sorts blog started back in 2009. I touch on it a little in this post, but it mostly focused on the games I was playing at the time: Heroes of Newerth and World of Warcraft. I would post guides and tutorials along with opinion pieces (really rant posts) of changes to the game. It was a nice little hole in the wall that had a small following. Unfortunately, I committed a great sin in the blogging world: I let my domain name expire. Someone snatched it up rather quickly and generously offered to sell it back to me for $1,000. I didn’t have much time for blogging anymore anyway and rather than move everything over to a new domain and start over I decided to just let everything go. Keeping guides and tutorials up to date with maintained games does require a lot of time. Looking back, I do regret the decision to let it go. But you live and you learn.

I’ve only recently decided to start Gamer of Sorts up again. I needed a general hub for all my various projects and this seemed like the perfect place. I decided to see if my old domain name was released and there it was. It was meant to be. Now I’m trying to get back into blogging. Slowly stretching my writing muscles and trying to keep them fresh and up to date.


Initially deemed “Labyrinth of Myth” I decided to merge it under Gamer of Sorts rather than have a separate website. I’ve always been fascinated by different religions and myths. Why do these stories captivate us and influence us? I went back to school in 2018 to study anthropology with a focus on religions. I’m still in the process of completing my degree, but I’ve had to take a break due to not having the proper programs in my area to finish. So now I just read books and research topics myself.

I decided to continue to write essays on the subject because I love it so much. Combining religion and myth with video games and other pop culture just seemed natural. We take so much from mythology that I don’t think we realize just how much it influences us. I’m also working on my video editing skills as I begin to turn these into video essays which I’ve discovered is a whole other beast.


When I was in high school the only classes I managed to not skip were art classes. I signed up for any and all available, even woodworking because it allowed me to create. In one of these classes we touched on stained glass. I loved it, but we didn’t spend too much time on it. I attempted to pursue it outside of school but quickly realized the expense. Everything is expensive. The glass, the equipment, the solder, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Now that I’m in a more secure financial state I can afford to dabble a little bit into stained glass work. As with most hobbies I’ll probably run out of room fairly quickly. To hopefully combat that I’ll start selling some pieces here and there.


ArtisticGaming started from a need to find a stress free hobby. The repetitive nature from crocheting that allows one to zone out was very smoothing. I began creating dolls of favorite video game characters. I then showcased my work on DeviantArt at first. Someone from WoWInsider must have seen as I was asked if they could interview and show off some of my World of Warcraft dolls. So awesome.

From there I opened my first Etsy shop and began taking commissions. Often I would have months booked in advance. It was fun and exciting getting to experiment with techniques and make characters I had never heard of before. I decided to offer a free ecourse so others could learn how to crochet. I also began offering patterns on various dolls I was making, most of them free. Eventually I got burned out. I’m currently on hiatus from making dolls, but I have left my patterns up for others to enjoy.