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I used to blog….

By September 6, 2019April 25th, 2020Blog, Featured, Personal

No, really! I did. I used to blog a lot actually. I even had complete strangers stop by to read it too! Crazy. This had to be about 10 years ago. It’s all gone now, of course. Probably for the best as I cringe at things I’ve written months ago; I can’t imagine what I’d do looking at 10 year old writing. I used to blog about games I was playing. Simple stuff. I would describe my adventures in World of Warcraft. I would give guides or give opinions on recent changes. Later the blog would turn toward Heroes of Newerth as that became my game of focus. Again, I would write guides or write about the esports happening in the scene. I even got a little attention and was asked to join HoNCast for a bit. I was definitely not qualified to do that. I have never been more embarrassed. How polite they were putting up with me.

I use less commas... I promise!

Now, I know this sounds oddly pitiful or that I look back on that time with some sort of regret, but I don’t. I actually miss that freedom of blogging. I didn’t care what people thought. I didn’t care if people disagreed with me. I welcomed it. Every comment brought a new conversation and people came back to continue it. It was.. great. With how the internet has turned lately I worry about putting out my opinions. It seems people no longer ignore opinions they disagree with or post their rebuttal, but instead actively seek out ways to “cancel” them. It’s silly. There’s no way that I can agree with everyone 100% and I would never actively seek out that sort of environment. How dull. How mind numbing. Seriously, how can you grow if you are never challenged?

So here I am again. To be challenged. To be heard. To be engaged. Thank you


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I typically start too many projects to do them all justice. I dabble in all types of games. I love being creative and working with my hands. I've always been obsessed with religion and mythology. I’m fascinated by origin myths and how different cultures through stories make sense of the world around them.

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