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Destiny is All is a Minecraft RP series that I am currently… I guess the appropriate description is “dungeon mastering”? Hmm, feels wrong. I’m not sure what to call myeslf. I’m creating the story for Void, my husband, and Crono, my brother-in-law. Every Friday night Void is livestreaming the story aspect. To help you guys keep up with the lore that is found in the books around the world I’ll copy them here so you can come back any time if you need a refresher.

The Sky God, Ukko, has been chained by the Underworld God, Mot, causing a severe power vacuum in the Heavens. Many Gods are vying for the throne; others are enjoying the freedom this opportunity has created; and some only wish to bring back peace to the realm. Everyone must choose a side. Gods will rely on the worship of mere mortals infusing them with sacred divinity. As it is often questioned, can a God have power if no one believes in them?


Sun Goddess

Named from the city Arinna, sacred city of the sun goddess.

Arinna has a very strong following. Some believe her to be the favorite daughter of Ukko and was therefore being prepared to represent him whenever he needed it. She was presumed to assume power once Ukko’s reign was over. No one earned Ukko’s trust more than her. As the goddess of the sun, she is essential to life and to the gods.


Volcano Goddess

Named from the Hawaiian goddess, Pele.

Pele was said to be the one to form the sacred lands you see all around you through the fires and eruptions of her volcanoes. She chooses to mold the world around her to her liking. Her wrath knows no bounds and she is quick to anger. She is often fighting with her brother Proteus, the god of the sea.


Fertility Goddess

Named from the Hindu goddess, Sita.

Sita was born from a field plowed by her mortal father, Janaka. Her mother is the earth goddess, Bhumi who is the wife of Ukko. Sita is reveared as an ideal daughter. She is very loyal, moral, and compassionate. She is very generous to her supporters.


Trickster God

Named from the African trickster god, Eshu.

Eshu plays tricks on mortals and gods alike. No one trusts Eshu and he is often shunned by the other gods. Some believe he is responsible for Ukko’s current status. If you feel worshiping Eshu will save you from his trickery, think again.


Goddess of Music

Named from the Egyptian goddess, Hathor.

Hathor is not only the goddess of music, but of beauty and love. She rarely involves herself in politics, but is an essential ally for anyone attempting to take the throne due to the sheer number of followers she has. You can often hear her voice on the wind.


God of Storms

Named from a Sumerian god, Enlil.

Enlil is a god of disruption and power. He summons storms at will wielding thunder as his preferred weapon. There is no bounds to his lust for power. He was quick to summon his followers and begin drafting a way to take over for Ukko and ensure he remains captive. In his eyes he is the only one worthy to rule.


God of the Sea

Named from a Greek god, Proteus, the Old Man of the Sea.

Proteus has the power of foresight. His ability to see into the future makes him a formidable god. He is often called upon by others for advice. He hates his gift and the responsibility it gives him. He’s often hiding away disguised as an animal, typically a turtle, to keep the other gods from bothering him.


Goddess of the Underworld

Named from a Greek goddess and river in the underworld, Styx.

Styx’s waters in the underworld are where oaths are taken by the gods because even they would not break an oath in front of Styx fearing her wrath. Styx is considered evil by many mortals, but she views herself as merely doing her job down below keeping the souls at bay.


Sky God, King

Named from a Finnish god, Ukko.

Ukko brought himself into existence from chaos. He created the earth and began creating his wife and children. He naturally became King of all. He was a just ruler, but humans found him more absent than not.. He is currently being held captive.


King of the Underworld

Named from a Canaanite god, Mot.

Mot was brought into existence to quell the problem of humans overpopulating the earth. He quickly grew power from the natural fear of death. He’s the first and only god to become an equal to Ukko. He is currently holding Ukko captive.


Earth Goddess

Named from a Hindu goddes, Bhumi, Mother Earth.

Wife of Ukko she is often referred to the queen of the gods. She, along with Ukko, created the earth. On her own, she is credited for creating humans from clay. She is often found picking flowers with her daughter, Sita.


Navigator and, now, Enlil’s Champion

Longtime viewer, level up dance extraordinaire <3 @twitter

Paul was the navigator on the ship that brought Crono and Void to the Oracle’s island. Believed to be dead after the shipwreck, the boys ran into Paul rebuilding his ship to return home. His only desire was to return home, but found himself a pawn in the god’s game.

Captain Star

Captain, deceased.

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Captain Star originally gathered the crew necessary to seek the Oracle’s help to aid their failing village. Unfortunately, Star did not survive the shipwreck. His skull was taken by Crono as a …keepsake. His soul now resides in the Underworld. Will he remain there forever?


Gifted with Foresight

NOT Morg :p

The Oracle is shrouded in mystery. She aids those that come to here with visions of their future so long as you have the coin to pay for her services. While she helps, she also seems to keep many things to herself.. only dripping information when convenient.


Proteus’ True Champion

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Dyo is the true champion of the god Proteus. She hails from the Kingdom of Myrsky, devout followers of Proteus and home to a powerful mage’s guild. She was trained since birth to hunt and kill dragons. She met Crono and Void on her way to The End and graciously allowed them to tag along and then introducing them to her King and Kingdom.

– Minor Characters –

Priest Stegalt – Priest to the Oracle – Mod for the stream and Swagmaster. @twitter
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