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Episode 13 Nerdy Adventurer Notes

By September 15, 2020Destiny is All

~ Part of the Destiny is All Minecraft RP series ~

Void and Crono followed clues from the sphere that housed Silver.


Silver assures me that I will not be trapped in this sphere forever… The magic of the sphere ebbs and flows as the seasons change. ..I think that’s what he said anyway. Silver has clearly lost his mind, but after spending some time with him I’m beginning to understand his moments of clarity that emerge from time to time. If I could just put them all together…

I’ll need to talk with Priest Yorugata in town when I’m done. Maybe he’ll have some insight that he is willing to share. Silver is even donating a skull for Eshu! He threw it at me anyway.. that counts? Right? That should make Yorugata happy enough to possibly talk to me.


I didn’t think I would learn so much about Eshu by coming here. To think the mystery surrounding him was sitting here all along. This small quiet town has remained mostly hidden, only whispers among true believers. I admit the cold welcome I received when I first got here probably would have driven off anyone, but I think they’ve warmed up to me. I may not be a believer, but my interest in Eshu is pure. I think a day at the creation point will clear my head a little. Discovering it was the highlight of my life at the time, but now I’ve stumbled onto another piece of the puzzle..

I just need to think about everything. Ukko.. Silver.. Eshu… Enlil???

And why the skulls… Why would he want skulls… For him? For someone else? Who?

A few doodles of pumpkins.

Doodles of skulls with a purple background.

Doodle of a large sphere with fire and obsidian. A bright sun in the sky.

A doodle of Yorugata.

A doodle of Silver’s house. A dragon egg clearly visible.


There’s something about this place that just relaxes me. Crazy! I know! Despite this cosmic destruction, this unrelenting force, there’s still a sense of calm in the air. An order after the chaos. I like coming here to think.

I’ll head out tomorrow. I hear there is an Eshu shrine next to Arinna’s temple. Even if I connected the dots on that piece I’ll need more proof if anyone else is to believe me and this should definitely be the place. But what about the other pieces I’ve discovered?

I fear I am unraveling something far bigger than any mortal should know.


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