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The Capture of Ukko

By July 21, 2020Destiny is All, Lore

*Part of the Destiny is All Minecraft RP series*

Life in this world flourished under Ukko’s command for several thousand years.

Ukko looked upon what he created happily, but he found himself growing tired. As the first of his kind, he was unsure if he would experience what humans called death.

Ukko hid away in his castle on the clouds, visited regularly only by his wife, Bhumi, and daughter Arinna. He began training Arinna in the way of creation and leadership as he became more and more isolated. He began sending Arinna out to handle any official business he had.

Despite this, the land still prospered as Arinna handled Ukko’s duties well.

During this time, Mot found his workload increase. Humans took over the world, quickly reproducing in large numbers. Even with the creation of Styx to help him, Mot found his work overwhelming. He pleaded to Ukko to come forward and help quell this parasitic creation. Ukko refused, stating his love of Bhumi and her love of her favorite creation.

Mot returned home to the Underworld, defeated as his pleas rang on deaf ears. Unknowingly, he was followed by Eshu who eavesdropped on the conversation as he tends to do. He offered to help Mot, explaining that he could place chains upon Ukko allowing Mot to rule and decide the fate of not only the humans, but of the world.

Mot looked at Eshu with suspicion. He asked how he could possibly chain a god. Eshu gave a sly smile, “I offer the solution, not the ways to make it happen.”

Mot grunted, “And what could you possibly want for such a solution?”

Eshu chuckled as he danced around Mot. “Perhaps, nothing. Perhaps, everything. Perhaps, merely your gratitude.”

Mot waved his hand at the ridiculousness. Eshu obliged and vanished, his laugh ringing in the air.

Several years went by, Mot continued to feel overwhelmed and overworked. Eshu’s offer constantly consuming his thoughts. Mot began reaching his breaking point when a virus spread through the land, taking old and young humans alike. Mot snapped.

Eshu was true to his word and chained Ukko. Mot is now trying to cement his place as King. The gods seem split on whether to accept his rule. Bhumi has fled in fear of what Mot may do to her. She has taken refuge with her favorite daughter, Sita. From there, Bhumi has begun work with Arinna to free Ukko.

Styx remains in the Underworld ruling it in Mot’s place. Eshu has been giddy with the chaos this has all caused. Enlil has decided to take this opportunity to attempt to become King himself. He’s begun courting Hathor in an attempt to gain her favor as she would make a powerful ally.

Proteus remains distant as ever. He constantly seeks his solitude. Pele has decided to attend to personal matters during this time of chaos, hoping to accomplish something no one else has.

The mystery of how Eshu was able to chain the creator remains. And what did Mot give up in return?

Time will tell.


Author Morgfu

I typically start too many projects to do them all justice. I dabble in all types of games. I love being creative and working with my hands. I've always been obsessed with religion and mythology. I’m fascinated by origin myths and how different cultures through stories make sense of the world around them.

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