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Paul’s Journal

By June 23, 2020Destiny is All

Day 1
My good friend, Star, has come to me today. He’s upset that our lands have gone dry. I told him we could move our village to more fertile lands, but he insists that this is our home and that we must seek the gods help to return us to our glory. I have my doubts, but Star swears this is the way. His plan seems to involve finding an Oracle that can put us in direct contact with the gods. He asks for me to be his navigator again. I tell him it’s a waste of time, but I finally agree. Susan is not pleased. She mentions a witch we can visit instead, but I tell her we’re on our own regardless of who we go to.

Day 20
We’re barely at sea and the crew is driving me crazy. Void and Crono are poking each other with sticks screaming for the other to leave them alone. Who allowed these children to come? I suppose the elders didn’t trust Star and myself to talk to the Oracle. Had to make sure the “good sort” was there. They’re lucky I’ve watched them grow up with my own boys or I’d probably throw them overboard myself. Sigh… they’ll grow up someday.

Day 32
Star is getting anxious. I don’t blame him, our food supply is low and we haven’t seen another ship for quite some time now. I try to reassure him as much as I can. I tell him we are close. There’s a strange feeling in the air. I can’t put my finger on it…

Day 35
I don’t understand! The horizon was clear! Where did this storm come from?!?! It practically flipped our ship over. I was thrown into the sea.. barely got to shore. I spotted Star among the debris and pulled him out. He’s.. he’s not in good shape. There’s not much I can do..

Day 36
Star is going on and on about spotting the Oracle’s shrine across the way on the mountain. He’s begging me to see her. I’m scared to leave him.. I don’t want him to die alone.

Day 37
Star finally convinced me to make the trip. Thankfully, we still had some gold pieces as she required a donation. She.. she wouldn’t even listen to me! I begged her to help with our village and she just kept repeating that that wasn’t my fate. Who cares about my fate?! What about my family?! What about Star?! I can’t bear to tell him that our village is doomed… our trip a complete waste…

Day 38
Star passed last night.. My friend, I’m sorry.

Day 39
I’ve decided to return home. I’ll need to start building a boat. There’s a town near here, I’m hoping to find some supplies.

Day 42
My camp was ransacked while I stayed at the town. Star’s grave was desecrated. I don’t understand.. who would do such a thing?! Wait! The witch! Maybe they’ll have something to put Star’s soul at peace. Something to revert this complete disrespect.

Day 45
I finally found the witch after days searching. She was able to give me a potion to spread on Star’s grave. It’s supposed to bring him peace in the after life. She mentioned that she could help me “save Star” if I wanted. I was confused and pushed her for more information.. she wants me to KILL someone to trade their soul for Star’s?! What?!

I was wrong to hope I could save him. Feels like another defeat.

When I got back, I saw a note from Mr. Void and Mr. Crono! They’re alive! I’m not sure where they are, they didn’t say, but I’ll look for them.

Day 52
I ran into Mr. Void and Mr. Crono today! I told them of my plans to return home. They seemed… distant. I pleaded with them to join me, but they insisted on staying. I’m trying to understand. They’re young. This is their first time outside of our village. I get they want to feel like adventurers but what am I going to tell their family?! I hope they change their mind.

Day 59
My ship is finally ready. I am excited we can head home. We’ve lost so much. I just want to see Susan again and see my home.


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