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History of The Gods

By June 17, 2020December 18th, 2020Destiny is All, Lore

*Part of the Destiny is All Minecraft RP series*

In the beginning there was Ukko.

He brought himself forth from the chaos of the universe. Pleased with himself, he dared to create another, Bhumi, to be his bride and share with him all his accomplishments.

Bhumi and Ukko began creating the earth and with it, their children to help mold and shape the world. First there was Arinna, sun goddess. She brought life with her as grass and trees began to grow and take shape. She easily wielded great power that she quickly became Ukko’s favorite creation. He began training her in the ways of creation to become his second in command. Second came Proteus. Proteus started as a storm god, bringing water to the lands and creating streams. As he grew older he discovered his unsuspecting gift of foresight. He became tormented with his gift and hid in the sea, turning himself into various animals to escape gods and humans alike. His animal of choice seems to be the turtle.

Third came Pele, volcano goddess. Pele looked at the world and decided to change it as she saw fit. Raising her volcanoes from the sea floor she sculpted the world you see around you, often to the disturbance of Proteus’, which caused a sibling rivalry between the two. Their fighting formed Enlil, the true god of the storms. He sates his boredom by causing storms and destruction, wielding a thunderbolt as his tool. He lusts for more power and often is calling for war among the gods.

Bhumi saw the world being created before her and decided humans were to be next. She carefully crafted the first humans from clay and gave them the ability to reproduce so she could watch the world populate. She quickly realized the world would be overpopulated so she asked Ukko to create Mot to help before everything they had created was ruined. Ukko agreed and Mot became the god of the Underworld, bringing humans death when their time has come. Mot quickly became worshiped among humans in an attempt to ward off death for as long as possible. He has become almost an equal to Ukko in power.

Sita, the fertility goddess was born from the earth, and the first to have a human as a parent. Her mortal father, Janaka a lord in his lands, was plowing a field when Sita sprang up as a baby. Janaka took her in and raised her as his own. This influenced Sita to be a great champion for humans, ensuring their crops would grow and be plentiful.

Hathor, goddess of music and love, was next. Her beauty brought many followers, but it was her gift of music that made this goddess who she is today. Hathor hates politics and would much rather sing on the wind, but due to the amount of followers she has she is often asked by gods to ally herself with them, especially her nephew Enlil.

Eshu, the trickster god, appeared from nowhere. No one knows how he came to be, but his presence is most certainly noticed. He plays tricks on gods and humans alike. His tricks can be very destructive often leading to death. Mot created Styx, goddess of the river in the Underworld, in response to the destruction Eshu caused. Styx brings his victims to the underworld by way of her river which has also become a sacred place to the gods to swear oaths.


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