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Notes Found in the Town of Windrip

By September 5, 2020Destiny is All

~ Part of the Destiny is All Minecraft RP series ~


Void and Crono visited a town where they discovered notes left behind by an anonymous adventurer. Do the notes give any sort of clue?




I’ve finally found the town of Windrip. It’s in ruins so I doubt I’ll find Silver alive here. So frustrating! I hope I’ll find some clue to him. I’ll be camping outside tonight. I’ve traveled far and I need my rest. I don’t trust that the town is completely empty.

The town is covered in pumpkins! This is exactly the clue I was hoping to see. Now if I can find any hint about Silver, this trip will be worth every gold I spent getting information.

Silver stayed in this room! I’m sure of it! There are pieces of foreign material and what I can only assume to be gadgets littering the room. His brilliance astounds me. How could Ukko deny this person? Another obvious sign of the weakening of Ukko’s mind.

The priests let Silver join the shrine?! They told him he could become a champion?! This priest admits they led him to believe he had a chance of becoming a champion… I can’t believe it. What a cruel thing to do to such a person…

Apparently the priest’s leave a lever underneath the middle block of the building outside the shrine. I’ve found a few writings from one of them that seem to show Ukko’s disappearance weighing heavily on their minds.

The door locked behind me.. I’ve found part of the shrine that was closed off, but the decay has exposed it. I’ll try to make my way out of here.. I wonder what mysteries this portion holds.

This tunnel used to be a back door to the shrine. It was once used as an escape route if the town was ever attacked. I’ve found a journal to a priest that apparently got trapped here as they attempted to escape whatever destroyed the town.. It mentions Silver surviving with the others while he alone was trapped..

Studying the journal more all I can conclude is that it is the ramblings of a crazy person. Perhaps wandering the tunnel was the last straw or perhaps tricking someone like Silver finally weighed on his mind. I’m unsure, but pumpkins line the walls..

Finally, I’m out of the cave and able to give this journal my full attention. Silver mentioned to the other survivors that he was heading north if he ever got out of the cave. I think I know where he is! This is exciting! If my hunch is correct then I hope to find more information.






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